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Our specialized services


The AVEDA coloring immerses the hair in a 97% natural formula for permanent protective coloring, and in a 99% natural formula for semi-permanent colors.

The composition enriched with sunflower oils, castor oils and jojoba, is able to maintain healthy hair and gives them an exceptional shine.

The AVEDA patented technology, based on green and red tea, guarantees the intensity of color.

"Clay Cleansing Treatment with Sunglitz "

This lightening process is unique in the world

This innovative system recreates lightening of the hair, in different tints, imitating the natural effects of the sun.

It combines a mixture of purified clay, natural organic pigments of amino acids, honey, olive oil and rare herbal extracts.

The smell is pleasant because the product doesn't contain any ammonia, or hydroxides substitutions which are harmful to the hair.

The result is long lasting, and the hair is healthy and shiny.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment By AZZEDINE & LAURENT

This treatment is appropriate for all types of hair, whether they be natural, colored or sensitive. Curly, fleecy, wavy, and serrated hair is remodeled and thickened without being altered, because the formula is Formaldehyde free, and is mainly constituted of Keratin and hyaluronic acid that gives the hair a flexible and refined feel.



- Scalp rituals

Balancing treatment for the scalp

Combination of deep massage and aromatherapy, a balancing blend of essential oils, for a healthy scalp, the first step to healthy hair.

Detoxifying treatment for the scalp

Containing salicylic acid derived from wintergreen, this treatment offers deep cleansing, combined with a refreshing massage for a gentle exfoliation to remove any residue that may affect the health of your scalp.


- Hair

Moisturizing treatment

Up to 86% more hydration, using the power of pomegranate and buriti oils, providing suppleness, shine and softness. Layered treatment technique for very dry hair.

Restorative treatment

Improve hair condition by up to 84% with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acids for strong, healthy hair. Layered care technique for very damaged hair.

Invati™ treatment for thinning hair

An energizing and refreshing treatment using the power of saffron and ginseng in combination with a scalp massage to activate micro-circulation to create an optimal environment for stronger, thicker hair.



Hair and scalp treatment

A real Spa for the head, which begins with a regenerating scalp treatment and ends with a moisturizing or repairing treatment that will transform your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny, supple and soft.

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